Wednesday, August 12, 2015


After two months of being at home base in the southwest to enjoy many monsoon rains and desert wildflower blooms, as well as the construction of a southwest-style ramada (porch), Ran & I have taken to the road again. For 2 months, we will be living in our pop-up camper we refer to as the teeny house. This camper also serves as my Prayer Bundle Bungalow creative workspace. The pop up camper offers half the size of our off-grid 200 sq. ft. tiny house in in NM, and is every bit as comfy as our casita which takes a mere 15 min. to clean. Love that!

I continuously give thanks for having magnetized a man whose dreams in life are similar to my own. We both adore living simply, traveling often, and primitive camping amidst wilderness without all the fancy amenities that keep one tethered to stuff. Comfort is important, and we just love the camper’s memory foam bed topper. What we love the most is that we don’t have to be anywhere except for where we want to be. It is s such a gift to live this way. Sometimes I wonder… how did I get here?

Very literally, I managed my mind to roam freely in singing up my ideal dreams. The road has been long, sometimes full of curves, and other times straight and narrow. Every day’s adventures provide me food for thought, wisdom to apply, and memories to embrace and savor. With so many roads to choose from in life, we take the roads less traveled for they set our free spirit’s ablaze with wonder, discovery, and delight. I’m grateful to be sharing the journey with a man who has been a mountaineer and wilderness tour guide who shares his wild nature wisdom.

I’ve always dearly loved the earth. In childhood, I played in mud and stream with my sister behind our home. As time went on, I discovered a passion for meandering in the woodlands, wading at the shore, breathing salt air, rolling down grassy hills, resting on lush moss, kissing flowers, hugging trees, dancing in the rain, being hushed at the sight of great mountains, admiring animals, delighting in birdcalls, embracing sunrise, sunset, and starry nights …

Now, in the current chapter of life, I am not only loving the earth, but spending more time outdoors with the earth. In doing so, I am growing deeper roots of understanding and respect in my relationship with mama earth. Participating in the natural world close up is strengthening my love, gratitude, honor, understanding, and most importantly, responsibility to this precious sacred ground we live upon.

Here are a few entries from my recent travel journal notes:

“Traveling inspires me to slow down, to be in reverence with that which sustains me. Listening to the creek, observing wild plants and animal tracks, studying the master building ability of ants, beholding the changing earth and sky…. I aim to keep my wild nature alive in this crazy modern world.”

“In Kanab, Utah driving along Grand Staircase-Escalante’s spectacular landscape, basking before the beauty of the vermilion rock cliffs, an epiphany awakens me as to why I have never considered it important to accumulate wealth and possessions. Living rich to me is in honoring the richness of Earth itself, and in so knowing this, I now dub myself a Vermillionaire!

Worthy to note, is a spirit message gifted to me many years ago that I carry in my awareness wherever I am. “You are as tiny as ant, and as big as mountain. Remembering this will support you in living balance.” I pass on these valuable words of wisdom.

As our traveling nirvana continues through original Native American lands, in desert and cave, old growth forests, the majesty of mountains, meadows, and various water bodies, from the southwest to the pacific northwest, ranging from sleeveless attire to sweatshirts, I close this blog post with a poem dedicated in thanks to beloved Ran, my Roadrunner partner, tour guide, and master map man, and his mighty chariot that treads the greatest of adventures.

Ode to the White Rhino

This name you were given in honor of
your mighty torque transports us thru
remote and rugged terrain. In thanking
you, we know you adore traveling as
much as we do! Not once do we take for
granted your steadfast efficiency and
reliability. We expect that you will probably
outlive us. Not just any Dodge Ram diesel
truck will do. You are most ideal for our
gypsy adventures. Together the 3
of us will surely go the distance.
We love you White Rhino!

On the Road Bliss!