Saturday, February 13, 2016

 In Honor of Valentine's Day 
A Heartcrafted Renya Tale

On February 14, 1999, this gentle-hearted man, John Mesha Brevard, crouched down before me asking if I would marry him. A resounding happy heart YES spilled from my lips. We were in our 8th year of sharing a wonderful life together. Never before had I imagined being a marrying type until I met Beloved Brevard. Clearly, we were twin souls.

Brevard & Renya

Eight months into our engagement, Brevard announced that he would be setting out on a journey to NC to attend an intensive solar house building seminar. He had dreamed of building us a cob solar home. I appreciated that he invited me along, although I felt a stronger pull to remain at home focused on my daily creative routine. I remember well walking my beloved to his car, kissing him goodbye, wishing him a safe journey.

Just days before he left, we had been deeply entrenched in discussing and disagreeing about wedding plans. He envisioned a church wedding to please his parents, and I envisioned a woodland wedding to appease my free spirit. I’m sure you know, as well as I, how the energy and words of a disagreement create a palpable division between people who love and care for one another. For days, we limped through the revisited discussion with no apparent mutual resolution in sight.

Thankfully, a transformational day arrived when Brevard followed an intuitive hunch to call our dear friend and spiritual mentor. Geoffrey knew our story, our family pattern dynamics, our joys and challenges. That phone call ended up shifting us both out of ego-driven conditional love into the melting heart resonance of unconditional love and acceptance. Throughout the rest of this lifetime, at least, I remain profoundly indebted for Brevard’s intuitive knowing, and Geoffrey’s eagle-view assistance, that served to untangle the knots of oppositional opinionated drama.

During Brevard’s week-long solar seminar, life took a sudden twist. Late October 1999, my beloved incurred a massive heart attack while taking a snooze in his car during lunch break. I was aware that he had childhood heart surgery, but did not know the nitty-gritty details until after he died. The story of Brevard’s spirit leaving the earth, and my awareness of his passing, came to me in a profound daydream vision that turned my understanding of how to love between heaven and earth upside down.

Three months after Brevard’s transition, the new millennium arrived. Thirty days later, Valentine’s Day arrived spouting all its commercial hype. With my aching heart engaged in the healing process of adapting to and accepting my new life, I yearned for my honey to wrap his physical presence around me. I didn’t care about a box of heart-shaped chocolates or a bouquet of flowers. I yearned for “The Real McCoy!” but learned to be content with the energetic touch of his angel wings.

Moss Feather Heart dedicated to Unconditional Love

Through Love and loss, Brevard’s passing became a powerful teaching of soul-love and self-love. The illusion of distance and separation melted into One Heart Bliss. When hearing love songs on the radio, instead of craving man-woman relationship, I would experience an outpouring of Spirit loving me. Whenever I would spot lovers on the street kissing and holding hands, instead of rewinding and belaboring the past, I would embrace their joy as my joy.

It is now February 2016. Valentine’s Day is around the bend. As a spirited grey-haired elder now, having spent many years healing the heartache of love, loss, and letting go, I have a gift to pass on. In year 2000, the night before Valentine’s Day, after Brevard floated onward, I was given the below spirit message. It is meant to be shared.

Whether you are focused on deepening your relationship with yourself, in a relationship with a partner, healing or transitioning from a relationship, desiring a relationship, this gift is for you!

“Go find yourself a beautiful rose. Commune with it deeply for it is a reflection of your innermost heart. Close your eyes, Be Still. Release all heartache into the folds of the rose. Rest in Divine Love*Light. Welcome Home Beautiful Valentine!”

“And when you return to the ways of the world, visit me again inside the beating of your heart where the infinite shores of my love and guidance forever abides.”

This Valentine's Love Note from Spirit carries a comforting vibration, a welcoming into sweet surrender, an invitation to soften your heart from the ways of this world. May you be inspired to dedicate a rose to your very own beautiful being this Valentine’s Day.

After Valentine’s Day, intentionally scatter your
heart-infused petals in a memorable place. 
You may even want to dry and wrap them
in a simple cloth pouch to wear or hang.

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