Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Journey of Life

"We cannot presume tomorrow. NOW is the time to devote our daily breath to our joy and purpose. Celebrate life's precious moments from beginning to end." -Renya

Recently, I had the honor and pleasure of attending a One Woman Art Exhibit at the Truchas General Mercantile located on the High Road to Taos. 

Highlighted Artist, Shelley Epstein, is a beautiful-bright-being. Her soul-shine is youthful and infectious. At the same time her body is dying. Family and friends, old and new, gathered in celebration of this bittersweet art opening sharing hugs, memories, joy and tears. 

This art show was a powerful Wake-Up Call for I am one who carries a bounty of creative visions & dreams. Enough for 7 lives. Some I have tended to and actualized, many I have not. As much as I aim to complete this life clear, in peace, and without regret, witnessing Shelley embrace her remaining livelihood infused me with the powerful reminder ::: *Do it! Do it Now!!! Think not that you have all the time you want to fulfill your purpose and manifest your dreams.*

Thank you, Shelley, for your exhilarating presence and creative inspiration that has touched so many. Truly you embody the truth that 'Life is a gift when you live in the present."

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